SOK CHANNY FINANCIAL SERVICE LTD,Another popular use of SBLC is to use as performance bonds or bids. The business which bid on contract to offer goods and services may be required to supply a bond or SBLC which may be drawn if business fails to fulfill the bid awards. Standby Letter of Credits are also taken is use to guarantee performance under contractual deals. For example, a builder may produce SBLC to guarantee fulfillment with government regulations and building codes. Such types of standby are termed as performance bond and may be used to make sure on time delivery of goods and services.

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A Commercial Letter of Credit is taken as Guarantee to be used in payment of goods and services. The Standby Letter of Credit issued is taken as guarantee that the applicant, the customer of issuing bank will execute responsibilities under an agreement. In other words, if an applicant fails to meet the promises made, the beneficiary draws on standby. According to the Controller of Currency, Standbys defined as, ‘any letter of credit or a similar document issued which mentions responsibilities to the beneficiary on the side of issuer.

1. To pay back the money borrowed or advanced to or for the account of the account party.

2. To pay on account of an indebtedness undertaken by the account party

3. To pay in case of default by the account party in meeting of any promises made.

Indicative sectors:
Mines & Minerals,
Commodities (&Precious Metals Physical Trading),
Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Biomass, Concentrated Solar & e-Mobility),
Telco Media Technology / ICT,
Financial Services (Retail Banking, Cards & Payments, Insurance)
Real Estate Development & Finance,
Hotels & Hospitality,
Shipping/Maritime, Transportation & Marine Services,
Art & Luxury Goods

A b

outique Corporate Finance advisory, Strategy & Investments firm registered in Asia (CAMBODIA PHENOM PEHN), with presence in Middle East, Africa, India and North Americas and wide experience in structured investments, international business / project development, PE / VC and management consulting.

Advising corporate (mainly) clients for the functions of:
Corporate Finance /M&A,
Business Plans,
Strategic Alliances & JVs,
LBO/MBO, Structured Finance,
Finance/Debt Restructuring,
Commodities Finance,
Project Finance,
Risk Management / Hedging Strategies,
Alternative Investments (Art Investments Advisory)
Telephone: +855963259237
Skype: http://www.sokchannyfinancial


Author: sok channy financial service ltd.

SOK CHANNY FINANCIAL LTD. We are a Cambodia based investment company, working on expanding our international portfolio globally by giving out loans and bank guarantees to finance any profitable projects worldwide.

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