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  1. How do I apply. This is my business concept.
    Of 1 acre x plus.
    Introduction ->
    Plantain is a staple food grown throughout the tropics in Africa, is a source of carbohydrate in diet of more than 70 million in Nigeria.
    Consumer / Users ->
    Over 70 million of Nigerians depends on plantain as a source of carbohydrate.
    Is also used as raw materials for flour factories.
    Tool Needed ->
    Knapsack sprayer.
    Target Market ->
    Flour Producing Factories.
    Local Market.

    Competition ->
    Local Farmers.
    Agric Institutes.

    Capital Base / Investment ->
    This project is based on organic product, which is our local plantation.
    The plantain sucker is N 150 with transportation.
    1,600 sucker will be planted on one acre of land.
    N 240,000 will be needed to plant on one acre of land.
    Logistics – N 200,000.
    Sales ->
    Each bunch of the plantain is solid for N 1,500 in the open local market.
    The bulk sales is N 1,000.00 per bunch.
    Per acre will amount to N 1,600,000.00 ( N 1.6 Million)
    Per acre of the land will be budozed and ploughed with
    N 100,000.00.
    Canter vehicle will be needed to move organic manure e.g poultry waste, pig waste.
    Chemicals for weeds – N 10,000 per acre.
    Conclusion ->
    Sir / Ma we hope this concept is enough to convince you that plantain is a profitable venture, it is the first year of planting that looks strenuous, but after the first tenth month, the farmer tends to harvest it’s crop every six months, which amounts to 2 harvest per year.

    PREPEARED BY PASTOR FEMI ADESINA 08054013919. 07068419268


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