We work with the 10 largest funders in the world and NONE will reply after a BG Issuer sends a 799 with an ICBPO! It is a myth that a Funder will send an ICBPO to a BG Issuer! It is hard to find one single funder that will do this… It is usually uninformed brokers/customers that has no clue about bank Guarantees and SBLC that still talk about ICBPO because ICBPO has been banned and is now illegal worldwide.

Logically, the funder has the money. You have to prove that you have the brains, muscle and integrity to be a great and cooperative partner. Your opportunity is not the only one on his desk, but it will certainly be the most presentable. Sloppy presentations make for sloppy projects.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Brokers /Agents company representatives are 100% welcomed and protected. Our brokers are paid handsome commission for every successful transaction. If you want to be our broker or company representative kindly send us email for more information.

Skype ID: http://www.sokchannyfinancial
Website: http://www.sokchannyfinancial.com/customers
Company Email: chong@sokchannyfinancial.com
Email: sokchannyfinancialsvc@gmail.com


Author: sok channy financial service ltd.

SOK CHANNY FINANCIAL LTD. We are a Cambodia based investment company, working on expanding our international portfolio globally by giving out loans and bank guarantees to finance any profitable projects worldwide.

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